As of January 6th, 2022, we will no longer be accepting Pawn Loans of any kind. Our store will now be strictly trade credit or cash only.

Looking to sell or trade? Remember to have a valid form of


What we usually accept

  • Gaming Systems - Must come with all necessary cables and at least one controller.

  • TV's - Must be 50" or higher for us to buy outright and must have the remote control. Can be any size for trade credit or loans. REMOTE CONTROL IS REQUIRED. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Knives - Very selective, condition is important.

  • Pop Figures / Figurines - We offer high trade credit or low cash for Pop Figures and other Figurines. No matter the value, any Pop Figure with no box or inner plastic is offered $1.00

  • Video Games - Will be tested if possible. Sports games heavily reduced in value 6 months after release date. Higher offers are made if game is in original case with original manuals, if applicable.

  • DVD's, Blu-Ray's, Box Sets - All DVD's and Blu-Ray's are purchased at a flat rate of $0.25 per item as we sell all DVD's and Blu-Ray's for the same low price of $2.99, regardless of condition or release date. Box sets are purchased at $1.00 per season, and situational for all-in-one sets. Box sets that are missing any discs will not be purchased.

  • CD's and Vinyl Records - Preferably Classic Rock and Country. CD's are held under the same scrutiny as DVD's, Vinyl Records are appraised on a case-by-case basis.

  • Musical Instruments and Equipment - All items under this category will be tested before an offer is made. Outdated equipment highly unlikely to be bought. As of November 9th, it can be pawned or traded, but not purchased outright

  • Board Games - Must contain all original pieces and must be in near-mint condition or higher.

  • Tools - Very selective on what we purchase, and will not take any toolsets that are incomplete. Tools are sold well below market value at our location, and offers will reflect that.

What we are currently NOT accepting

  • Weapons - Guns currently cannot be bought or sold. We will take airsoft guns on pawn loans, however.

  • Incomplete items - Missing pieces, controllers, etc. However, we may take console cables.

  • Broken items - Unless we need the parts for a repair, any and all broken items are not accepted.

  • Clothing - No clothing.

  • Jewelry - Will not take any jewelry at this moment in time.

  • Gold and Silver - Same as jewelry.

  • Manga - We currently do not take used Manga as we have acquired a supplier. 

  • Comic Books - Contact us personally if you are looking to sell off your comic book collection as we do not purchase them outright.

  • Laptops/Phones - We are no longer purchasing laptops or phones, nor are we offering trade credit. Under special circumstances we may take them on a pawn loan. This is not a guarantee.

Our employees use this as a guideline but operate on a case-by-case basis, and special exceptions can be made. We reserve the right to refuse any Pawn, Counter-Buy, or Trade, for any reason.