If you feel you have something of value you'd like to pawn or trade, drop by our Gander location and talk to one of our employees.


What we usually accept

  • Gaming Systems - Must come with all necessary cables and at least one controller.

  • TV's - Must be 50" or higher for us to buy outright and must have the remote control. Can be any size for trade credit or loans.

  • Knives - Very selective, condition is important. Will not be displayed on our website.

  • Pop Figures / Figurines - Must be in original box to be considered. Trade Credit / Pawn only.

  • Manga - We currently do not take used Manga as we have acquired a supplier.

  • Video Games - Will be tested if possible. Sports games heavily reduced in value 6 months after release date. Higher offers are made if game is in original case with original manuals, if applicable.

  • DVD's, Blu-Ray's, Box Sets - All DVD's and Blu-Ray's are purchased at a flat rate of $0.25 per item as we sell all DVD's and Blu-Ray's for the same low price of $2.99, regardless of condition or release date. Box sets are purchased at $1.00 per season, and situational for all-in-one sets. Box sets that are missing any discs will not be purchased.

  • CD's and Vinyl Records - Preferably Classic Rock and Country. CD's are held under the same scrutiny as DVD's, Vinyl Records are appraised on a case-by-case basis.

  • Comic Books - Contact us personally if you are looking to sell off your comic book collection as we do not purchase them outright.

  • Musical Instruments and Equipment - All items under this category will be tested before an offer is made. Outdated equipment highly unlikely to be bought.

  • Board Games - Must contain all original pieces and must be in near-mint condition or higher.

  • Tools - Very selective on what we purchase, and will not take any toolsets that are incomplete.

What we are currently NOT accepting

  • Most weapons - Guns, machetes, etc. We will take airsoft guns on pawn loans, however.

  • Incomplete items - Missing pieces, controllers, etc. However, we may take console cables.

  • Broken items - Unless we need the parts for a repair, any and all broken items are not accepted.

  • Clothing - Under special circumstances, we may take certain leather jackets or collector's shoes/caps.

  • Jewelry - Will not take any jewelry at this moment in time.

  • Gold and Silver - Same as jewelry.

  • Laptops/Phones - We are no longer purchasing laptops or phones, nor are we offering trade credit. Under special circumstances we may take them on a pawn loan.

Our employees use this as a guideline but operate on a case-by-case basis, and special exceptions can be made. We reserve the right to refuse any Pawn, Counter-Buy, or Trade, for any reason.